Refund Policy


The St George’s Cathedral Chapter (the ‘Chapter’) seeks to ensure appropriate principles of transparency and fairness with respect to the management of requests for the return of funds.

This policy outlines the circumstances under which the Chapter will issue a refund.


This policy applies to all those who make financial donations to St George’s Cathedral (‘the Cathedral’), St George’s Cathedral Foundation for the Arts Inc, and the St George’s Cathedral Restoration Fund via the National Trust.

The policy also applies to products purchased from the St George’s Cathedral Shop.


The Chapter expects that anyone intending to make a financial contribution consider their decision carefully and check donation amounts during transactions.

Decisions in relation to requests for a refund of any donation made to the Cathedral, St George’s Cathedral Foundation for the Arts Inc and the St George’s Cathedral Restoration Fund will be at the discretion of Dean, on behalf of the Chapter.

In general, refunds will not be issued where a donor changes their mind about a donation.

However, the Chapter recognises that it is possible to make an error when making an online donation, or for an error to be made by the Chapter or their financial institution(s).

The Chapter will endeavour to refund a donation in the following circumstances:

a) a donor enters the incorrect amount when making an online donation;
b) a donation was made in error due to a fault in the online donation platform;
c) an error was made by the Cathedral or one of its employees or agents;
d) an error was made by the Cathedral’s bank or financial institution; or
e) for exceptional or compassionate reasons, as determined by the Dean.

Requests for refund of a donation will be processed in accordance with the following principles:

  • Any request for refund of an online donation must be made in writing within 14 days of the donation, and include the details of the donation transaction including date, donation amount, donor name, receipt number and the nature of the error.
  • If a refund is sought due to exceptional or compassionate reasons, these reasons should be clearly set out in the request for a refund.
  • Full or partial refunds will result in the invalidation of the original receipt. Where part of a donation has been refunded, a new receipt will be issued for the adjusted amount.
  • The Cathedral reserves the right to pass any refund transaction charges on to the donor.
  • Moneys will be returned according to the original method of payment – if the donation has been made by credit card, the refund must be credited to that same credit card.

Donor Responsibility

If a donation is refunded, the associated tax receipt is no longer valid and should be securely destroyed. It is the donor’s responsibility to submit only correct receipt to the Australian Taxation Office.

Purchases from the Cathedral Shop

The Chapter is not required to provide a refund or replacement if the consumer simply changes their mind.

However, if the product purchased:

  • has a fault or other problem that would have stopped the consumer from buying the product if they had known about it;
  • is unsafe;
  • is significantly different from the sample or description; or
  • does not do what the Chapter, the Cathedral or one of its agents or employees has said it would do, or what the consumer asked for, the consumer is entitled to a refund or exchange in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

Products sold by the Cathedral Shop come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law.

Requests for refunds where a consumer changes their mind
Requests for refunds where the consumer changes their mind, found the product cheaper elsewhere, decided they did not want the product or had no use for it will be at the discretion of the Dean.

Requests for refunds for change of mind purchases:

  • must be made in writing;
  • must be made within 30 days of purchase; and
  • must be accompanied by both the faulty product and the purchase receipt.

If the product is returned via post, the consumer is entitled to recover reasonable postage costs upon presentation of receipt.

If the receipt cannot be produced, the following is accepted as proof of purchase:

  • a credit card statement that itemises the product.
  • a confirmation or receipt number from a phone or internet transaction.

The Dean has discretion to vary any of these terms in favour of the consumer.

Contact details

Requests for refunds should be sent to:

St George’s Cathedral
38 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Or via email to: