Photo and Filming Policy


  • St George’s Cathedral is a busy working church with numerous daily services, many events and regular visitors.
  • It is also a heritage-listed building of considerable cultural and historical significance.
  • We recognise those who visit do so for many different reasons, and may wish to take photos to remind them of their visit.

Rules and Behaviour

  • Visitors are generally permitted to take still photos and video recordings inside the Cathedral for their personal use, however, there are some restrictions which we ask visitors to observe:
    – Be mindful of the sacredness of our space and avoid creating disrespectful imagery.
    – Do not photograph or record people who are praying or in quiet reflection.
    – Do not disturb other visitors to the Cathedral.
    – Do not use a flash when taking photographs.
    – Do not make another person the primary subject of a photo without their express permission.
    – Do not photograph or record children unless they are part of your party.
    – Do not climb on any furniture for any reason.
    – Respect the right of the Cathedral to restrict access to some areas.
  • Photography of any kind is not permitted during services or events without the permission of the Dean.
  • We expect the photography and the behaviour of those people involved to be quiet, respectful and in good taste. Offenders will be asked to leave if behaviour is deemed inappropriate by Cathedral Staff.
  • Operation or use of any drones manned and/or unmanned aircraft/flying systems, and remotely-controlled or radio-controlled machines (whether motorised or not) of all types, shapes and sizes at any time in the Cathedral or Cathedral Precinct is prohibited.
  • Selfie sticks, tripods and monopods may only be used with the permission of Cathedral Staff.

Personal Use

  • Only informal snapshots for private use are permitted in the Cathedral and Cathedral Precinct.
  • Photos may be taken on ordinary small handheld cameras and/or mobile phones.  Drones are not permitted.
  • Portrait photography of any kind is not permitted.
  • The privacy of other visitors is to be respected, especially during quiet periods of reflection.
  • Still and video photography of children is not permitted unless they are in a family group.


  • No photography or video recordings are permitted during any worship services without the written permission of the Dean.
  • No photos of the Cathedral Choir may be taken at any time, including recording of choir rehearsals without the approval of the Master of Choristers and the written permission of the Dean.
  • Should permission be granted by the Dean, photographers are to follow the photography guidelines as set by the Cathedral.


  • Professional still photography and videography during the ceremony is permitted, subject to the wedding photography guidelines as set by the Cathedral.
  • Guests are asked not to take photographs during the service.
  • Professional photographers/videographers are expected to record the wedding ceremony without disruption to the service.


  • It is not appropriate for photos or video recordings to be taken during a funeral service.

Photography Groups

  • Photography of the Cathedral building and surrounds are permitted by individual amateur photography groups for non-commercial use only.
  • Photography classes and groups must schedule their attendance in advance with the Cathedral Office.
  • Tripods and/or freestanding lighting equipment, including reflectors, or other brought in props and equipment may create a safety hazard or impede efficient traffic flow and may only be used with the permission of the Cathedral.
  • All photography within the Cathedral building must cease at least fifteen minutes before any service and may only recommence at least fifteen minutes after its conclusion.
  • The Cathedral reserves the right to request copies of any photographs taken for advertising purposes.
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Commercial and Professional Use

  • Photography or audio-visual recording in the Cathedral and Cathedral Precinct that is for commercial (profit) or professional (work/education) use requires prior written permission from the Dean.
  • All use must be in keeping with the values of the Cathedral and the Anglican Diocese of Perth.