Daily reflections for the Global Wave of Prayer.

For the last three years I have encouraged people in the Cathedral to take part in the global wave of prayer, which happens between Ascension and Pentecost. This has become an annual event launched by Archbishop Justin of Canterbury, called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. However, during this COVID-19 lockdown time, the event has adopted a different approach and produced options online to download on an app!

You are just in time for the 11 days of prayer. Download ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ App from either the App store or Google play. This app includes daily videos, Bible readings, reflections, podcasts from Professor NT Wright and a special section for you to pray for five people known to you.

There is also a Digital Family Prayers Adventure Map & App to be downloaded. These apps are very exciting and fun.

I hope you are able to join in these 11 days of prayer.

From the Pastor,