Please note that in order to ensure the well-being of congregations and staff, a few changes are being made at the Cathedral for the time-being, based on World Health Organisation guidelines.

Before Arriving
– People experiencing fever, sneezing or coughing, please remain at home.
– Clergy and people are expected to have washed their hands before coming to the Cathedral. Alcohol rub is available for use on arrival.
Holy Water Stoops
– Holy Water Stoops have been removed temporarily and water removed from the Font.
The Greeting of Peace
– During the greeting of peace, clergy and people ought to refrain from shaking hands and in¬stead greet one another with the words ‘Peace be with you’ (if desired with a smile and a wave).
The Communion
– Before handling the elements and Communion vessels, clergy and servers will wash their hands with alcohol-based rub.
– From Sunday March 15, communion will be offered in one kind only. The Archbishop has advised City Churches to remove the Common Cup for the time being. Only the presiding minister will receive from the chalice.