Monday 19 September 2022 at 11am
St George’s Cathedral, Perth

This service is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the life of Her Late Majesty who had been Queen of Australia for over 70 years. She first visited St George’s Cathedral as Queen in 1954 and we hope that people from all walks of life across our community will feel able to come and to be together.

Details about this special service are continuing to be developed, so please check back here regularly as we update this page.

Last updated: 16 September 2022

Can I attend this service?
Yes. This special service is open to everyone.

What time does it begin?
The service begins at 11am. You should plan to arrive early if you would like a seat inside the Cathedral. Otherwise the service will be broadcast live on YouTube and a big screen on the Cathedral Square lawn – you might want to bring something to sit on.

When should I arrive?
The Cathedral will be open for seating from 10am. If you plan to sit inside the Cathedral, then you are asked to be in place by 10.45am.

How long will it last?
No more than one hour.

Is this happening at the same time as the State Funeral in London?
No. The State Funeral in London will be later in the day so there will be no clash.

Is this a memorial?
Our service is not a memorial or State occasion, as these cannot take place until after the State Funeral. On the morning of the State Funeral of every Sovereign, a vigil service of commemoration has been held at St George’s Cathedral as a local way of helping us gather to mourn and reflect. It is a time to be together as a community. Later there will be time for memorial but in these days, now is the time for mourning.

The Cathedral bells will be rung half muffled from 10am.  A fully muffled commemorative quarter peal was rung on Sunday 11 September at 4pm.

What happens during the service?
Councillor Barry Winmar will lead a Welcome to Country.

We will sing some of Her Late Majesty’s favourite hymns and use prayers especially written, particularly praying for our new Sovereign, King Charles III. The Governor will pay tribute to our Late Queen and The Archbishop will give an address.

To honour the fact that Her Late Majesty was awoken every morning by the sound of bagpipes, a lone piper will play a traditional Scottish air.

As well as singing the National Anthem we will, for the first time at St George’s Cathedral, sing the Royal Anthem with the new words.

Do I need a ticket?

Is there enough room?
There is limited capacity in the Cathedral but there will be big screens outside on the Cathedral lawn and inside the Upper Burt Memorial Hall next door.

Will it be available to watch online?
Yes. The service will be live on YouTube here.

Is the service being broadcast?
Yes, we expect television and radio networks to be present. Final details are not yet known.

We are delighted that Capital Community Radio will broadcast the full service live from 10.55am: 101.7 FM and

Will there be access to toilets?
There will be no public toilets available at the Cathedral.

Is there parking available?
There is no parking available at the Cathedral. You are advised to use public transport where possible or city centre car parks are available.