Education and Spirituality

Education and Spirituality

Cathedrals traditionally have been an intrinsic part of city and community life and, throughout the ages, have contributed much to society. Education has been one of these important areas, and we are confident that what has been developed at St George’s Cathedral provides a valuable extension of a tradition which can be traced as far back as the medieval period.

The Education Centre

The Cathedral Education Centre, established in 2001, is the first of its kind in Australia. It offers opportunities for students to discover and experience the sacred space and unique heritage of Perth Cathedral. Students are encouraged to explore, question and enjoy their time with us. Sessions are interactive, informal and student-centred.

Institute of Anglican Studies

The Institute of Anglican Studies is an exciting part of the overall vision of the Cathedral. As well as offering courses of study to a wide range of interested people, the Institute is in essence a community of discourse – a creative centre, which provides opportunities and encouragement for scholarly dialogue and research – a collegiality, which encourages and sharpens awareness of human need and theological response. 

Centre for Spirituality

The Centre for Spirituality is yet another reference point for the city and the wider community to connect with the daily life of St George’s Cathedral. Through the work of its Inaugural Director, Bishop David Murray, people are encouraged and helped to experience spirituality and prayer as an integral part of their daily lives, and to participate in a rich and full daily cycle of prayer within the Cathedral.